Capacitor V3.0.2

Last Updated:

Greetings, Capacitor users! We’re excited to introduce version 3.0.2, packed with improvements and fixes to enhance your remote working experience. Here’s what’s new:

  1. Random Password Email Copy:
    Added a randomised password generation feature for enhanced security.

    Improved email copy for random password generation to provide clearer instructions to users.

  2. Change Password Email Copy:
    Updated email copy for password change requests to improve clarity and user experience.

  3. Schedule – UX Enhancement:
    Implemented user interface enhancements within the Schedule feature for a more intuitive and streamlined experience.

    Users can now easily navigate and interact with scheduling options with improved visuals and usability.

  4. Block Schedule Overlap:
    Resolved an issue where schedule overlaps were causing confusion and potential conflicts.

    Implemented a blocking mechanism to prevent overlapping schedules, ensuring smoother workflow management.

  5. [Information] UI Update:
    Revamped the user interface for the Information section, providing a refreshed look and feel.

    Enhanced navigation and accessibility features to improve information retrieval and management.

  6. Bug Fixing for Time Tracker:
    Addressed various bugs and issues within the Time Tracker feature to ensure accurate tracking and reporting.

    Improved stability and reliability of the Time Tracker module for seamless productivity monitoring.

Thank you for choosing Capacitor for your remote working needs. We’re committed to continuous improvement and welcome your feedback to make Capacitor even better. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements in future releases!

Stay productive,
The Capacitor Team