How to Delete Screen-capture/Screenshot

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Screenshot of Recorded Activity

Capacitor offers a robust reporting system that includes the ability to manage screenshots for enhanced accountability. Learn how to delete screenshots when necessary.

Deleting Screenshots

  • Access the Reports Section:
    • Log in to Capacitor and navigate to the ”Screenshot” section.
  • Identify Screenshots:
    • Locate the specific screenshots you wish to delete within the report.
  • Delete Individual Screenshots:
    • Select over the screenshot you want to delete.
    • Look for the delete or trash icon and click to remove the screenshot.
  • Bulk Delete (if available):
    • Some systems may provide an option to bulk delete screenshots.
    • Check for a “Select All” or similar option and choose to delete multiple screenshots at once.

By following these steps, you can efficiently manage and delete screenshots within Capacitor’s reporting system, maintaining control over the visual documentation associated with your team’s activities.

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